Porteous' Studio

At the start of February, I had the opportunity to check out Porteous’ Studio, a one-bedroom holiday home nestled under the shadow of Edinburgh Castle, in the Grassmarket area of the Scottish capital. The space is the first project by duo Jack and Eilidh, who together form architecture and design studio, Izat Arundell.

Completed in 2017, the studio comprises of an open-plan kitchen and living area to the front of the studio, with the bedroom and bathroom separated by a rather satisfying screen towards the back, dividing the space seamlessly.

With muted colours that complement one another, to ever-changing light throughout, there is a real sense of disconnect between the bustling streets of Edinburgh just metres away, and the studio, hidden away in an elusive alleyway only very few know about. Attention to detail is very apparent here (from soft close drawers, to a bunch of locally sourced ingredients for a light breakfast), but what I found most interesting was when Jack told me that all of the furniture within the studio was crafted from a single oak tree from East Lothian, creating overall cohesion.

Although it was very difficult to narrow down (I took almost 200 photos, the place was just too good), I’m excited to share some of my favourite photos I captured during my time there, hope you enjoy them!


If you’re interested in booking a stay (or finding out more about the hosts and studio), click here.

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Porteous’ Studio. Jack and Eilidh very kindly invited me to stay for 2 nights, however all photographs and words are my own.